Western Catskills is a 501(c) 3 not for profit Rural Preservation Company contracted with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

Our mission is to cooperate with local, state and federal governmental and civic bodies in aiding, assisting and fostering the planning, development
Renewal, and improvement of housing and other buildings in the counties of Delaware, Schoharie and Greene, State of New York, for the primary purpose of revitalizing communities and in securing improved housing, commercial buildings and community facilities.

Western Catskills provides grants for owner occupied housing rehabilitation, first time homebuyers and financial counseling to residents in Harpersfield, Kortright, Middletown, Roxbury, and Stamford in Delaware County; Ashland, Halcott, Hunter, Jewett, Lexington, and Prattsville in Greene County and Blenheim, Broome, Conesville, Fulton, Gilboa, Jefferson, and Summit in Schoharie County.

Western Catskills is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate against age, disability, national origin, race, creed or gender.

Western Catskills prepares and submits applications on behalf of Townships and Villages within the Western Catskills service area. The funds, if awarded are used to rehabilitate homes having substandard conditions. The CDBG funding may also be applied for to perform upgrades to municipal water and sewer systems, main street revitalization and other types of infrastructure projects. The award is made to the township and the program is administered by Western Catskills.

To be eligible for these programs a family must have income at or below 80% of median income for the county in which they live.